BlueDot Partners have led global public affairs campaigns as well as targeted media efforts in diverse media markets abroad. Both Lars and Moira have held top communications positions in the Department of Defense, State and U.S. Agency for International Development. Lars has hands on experience through the National Democratic Institute providing counsel to democratic political parties in Egypt on creating action-oriented messaging and engagement. In Lebanon, he worked to develop a comprehensive strategic communications program in Beirut for the United States-endorsed civilian government. Moira is a founding member of an international community of digital diplomats and has represented the US government around the world. She regularly advises foreign governments on their digital and communications strategies.


    From Hurricane Sandy, to Haiti, to the Japanese triple disaster and the Arab Spring, the partners at BlueDot have led communications efforts in crisis on a global scale that resulted in positive impressions in the United States. In addition, Lars and Moira have also been at the center of political fights including the government shut down and defending national programs under fire. Both were trained in rapid response tactics on state and national level campaigns and bring those skills to their clients. They know that when it comes to tough situations you need to do more than respond. Being proactive, building allies and neutralizing criticism is all part of the effort.


    As the public affairs environment has shifted over the years, the partners at BlueDot have been top advisors to policy makers and organizational leaders about best positioning their message. Lars and Moira have worked directly with Cabinet secretaries, CEOs and other notable leaders to ensure all products, efforts and work drive to a clear objective. As challenges like cyber security and digital attacks emerge, the partners at BlueDot have helped steer their organizations through the complicated decision process that ensures equities are protected and the communications efforts are not deterred. In addition, BlueDot partners have led organizations through transition, whether it be synergizing congressional and public affairs efforts or transitioning from broadcast centric outreach to “digital first” strategies. Lars and Moira are regular commentators on panels and in the press on national and global issues.


    Lars and Moira are at the center of the national security political environment in Washington. Both have extensive experience on Capitol Hill. They have worked closely with political action committees, led advocacy organizations and served as key communicators in some of Washington’s top PACs, key non-profits and have led political advocacy organizations. BlueDot’s extensive network of political contacts ensures that clients will have a full understanding of dynamics that impact their objectives.